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Laulasmaa is a place to be in Estonia

Hestia Hotel Laulasmaa Spa has hidden itself away within a peaceful atmosphere, where the pace of life is relaxing and calm. We welcome You to a place where the forest meets the sea, where silence meets the bustling calm. Just half an hour’s drive from Tallinn’s effervescent and atmospheric city centre, You will be greeted with comfortable surroundings, just the right amount of fun, wonderful flavours, invigorating sea air and an idyllic sandy beach adorned with rugosa roses.

There is plenty of room for everyone, with ball courts on the beach, a children’s play area in the hotel, maintained footpaths in the clean crisp air of the surrounding forests, the ancient Paldiski limestone cliffs.

Nearby, we also have Keila falls, historical manor houses and the famous Lohusalu port dance nights. Our good neighbour, the Niitvälja Golf Center, offers golf lessons for beginners and provides the more advanced players with the opportunity of playing at their iconic Park-course.


We also rent out bicycles, balls, beach equipment, walking poles and, if you’re interested, we can organize handicraft workshops or even bring in an entire orchestra. Your wish is our command.

Our hotel grounds also include Laulasmaa disc golf courses. The discs can be rented from the reception of Hestia Hotel Laulasmaa Spa. Renting the set for three hours costs three euros and includes a driver (a long-distance disc) and a putter (a short-distance disc). The course, which has 9 baskets and is 560 meters long, is free. See the course map.

Laulasmaa is a popular place for swimming and sunbathing and an ideal spot for sporting throughout the year. Picturesque landscape, ancient pine forest and white sandy beach coastline offer a nice place for running, biking, Nordic walking and for many more sports activities. Vääna sables offer a chance to get aquainted with horses. Fun group games and interesting activities are offered by an adventure company 360 kraadi.

Surroundings of Laulasmaa

  • Laulasmaa is situated only 35 km and 30  minutes drive from Tallinn’s city centre.
  • 10- minute drive to Niitvälja’s golf course and Niitvälja stables.
  • 8- minute drive to Keila-Joa’s 3 km hiking track.
  • 20- minute drive to 8 km Harku forest’s hiking track.
  • 30- minute drive to Ruila stables.
  • 10- minute drive to Vääna stables.
  • 10- minute walk to sand coated tennis courts.



Active holiday

Nice muscle tone has always been the foundation of a great mood. There are plenty of opportunities for an active vacation in Laulasmaa.


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