Laulasmaa Cares for Nature

The Hestia Hotel Laulasmaa Spa produces its own green energy with over 200 solar panels that are installed on the hotel’s roof. Soon we will be adding even more panels.

The use of solar energy reduces the need for fossil fuels and helps preserve our environment.

Our restaurants and the spa-café offer food and drinks which consider the environment just as much as your experience.

The Laulasmaa restaurant does not use plastic straws. This way we save 500-1,000 straws every month and help reduce plastic pollution. Instead, we use reusable and biodegradable reed straws that last a few months or even up to a few years.


  • Our smoothies and milkshakes are served in biodegradable cups made of corn or rice mass.
  • Laulasmaa Spa’s restaurants use knives and forks that are made from 100% recycled materials, and always have an eco-label.
  • We don’t use plastic tableware in the spa. Where porcelain and glass are not allowed, for the safety of our visitors, we use cardboard cups and straws made from recycled materials. This saves 8,000-9,000 plastic cups per month.

The products used in the Laulasmaa Spa originate from pure nature. Environment protection is also considered in our hotel rooms where even the smallest of things, like re-fillable soap dispensers, matter.