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Energetic pilates

Practice is organized at Hibiscus Spa

Energetic pilates is a physical-spiritual series of exercises. With exercises we practice awareness and understanding of the whole.

What are the benefits?
The correct natural position enables the body to self-heal and maintain good health. The specific breathing technique helps the body to cleanse and fill with nutrients. Energetic Pilates improves body symmetry, flexibility and tonicity, life forces and vivacity, metabolism, and strengthens the locomotor system. The all-round approach produces a profound positive impact on the general state of health. During our energy pilates classes we learn to feel and use energy. Participants learn to monitor their state of health.

A lesson normally lasts 60 minutes.


Tuesday at 18:00, instructor Agnes Karro
Saturday at 18:00, instructor Agnes Karro


The fee per session is 10 €.
A 10-session card is available at 80 €.

The training session will be available free of charge for hotel guests who register in advance.
Participation is by advance registration only.

Please register in advance at +372 6870 877 or

“ Feeling in your heart, feeling in your soul – it is good.
They will give you the answers – it is good“

Agnes Karro,
Conscientious life and energy training instructor