Restaurant Wicca

Wicca has been elevated among the 50 best
restaurants of Estonia for six years!

Wicca a la carte

Take time for yourself and come and discover the late summer flavors at our a la carte restaurant Wicca. The best pieces of Wicca, made from domestic ingredients, are waiting for you. The menu offers uplifting taste experiences for the whole family.

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“Wicca has time to be with you. She finds you on the edge of the sand dunes, takes the carefree whisper from high up in the pine trees and lays it out before you, covering your table. She brings you fish from the sea outside the window and turns it into music on your table. She takes the freshest morning dew from the vegetable patch and the soft green moss of the forest and hides it in your smile. Wicca is like a forest fairy who believes in her land, in the pure Nordic flavours arising from the soils hereabouts and in the love that flows between plate and stomach. Love comes Wicca-style.”

Chef Angelica Udeküll

“I am delighted to welcome you here to Laulasmaa Spa and Wicca restaurant on behalf of the whole crew!

You will find a balanced and healthy choice of dishes on our menu. It combines traditional Nordic tastes with the best features of the latest gastrology. By using clean and organic raw produce, we aspire to offer you the joy of recognition, as well as pleasant surprises and sense-stimulating aromas in our menu.

We hope that your visit will be a truly great experience of tastes that you would love to try again.”

Angelica Udeküll, Chef at restaurant Wicca

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