Windsurfing beginner course

60 €

If you are looking for an exciting activity for 3 hours, then go for the windsurfing beginner lesson. Surfikool’s experienced instructors will get everybody up and  going in that time. Fun time is guaranteed!

Windsurfing beginner course (3h):

Theory (1 h) – overview of maritime safety, windsurfing gear and basics of windsurf techniques.

Practice on the water (2 h) – after theory and getting into wetsuits we continue the course on the water.


Windsurfing beginner course price (group size 5-15 person)
Group size, 5 person 300 € I Extra person 40 € I Extra person40 €


Phone: 56 68 4441

Event payments and billing with Surfikool directly. You can pay cash, by credit card or by invoice. For larger events there is a 20% prepayment.