Focus on sustainability

Focus on sustainability

The key to sustainable future is being more sustainable today. At Hestia hotels, you can take more responsible steps, whether it’s sorting waste, mindful food consumption, or simply acting smarter in your hotel room. We have carefully considered these activities in our hotels so that more sustainable solutions become part of our normal everyday. Your choices and actions also have a great impact.

The Focus Hestia label marks the information and tips on how to make more environmentally friendly choices as a hotel guest.

Sorting waste

Instead of a trash can in your room, you’ll find sorting containers in the hallway and near reception. There are sections for packaging, paper and cardboard, organic and mixed municipal waste. Take batteries or hazardous waste to reception.

Daily cleaning

We conduct daily cleaning in your room only if you need it. If you’d like your room cleaned, simply hang the cleaning sign on the doorknob by 12.00 at the latest. This helps to avoid water waste and pollution as well as excessive handling of towels.

Fewer disposable items

We have given up the disposable items and slippers in the hotel room to minimize overconsumption. For example, we recommend bringing your own flip-flops along. If you still need them, no need to worry – ask for toiletries and supplies from reception. This way we use things only when we need to.

Mindful food consumption

Food production has an enormous impact on the planet – greenhouse gas emissions, excessive water consumption and biodiversity decline. Food waste only makes these problems worse. Reducing food waste is a big step toward being more sustainable. It might take a while to see the results, but even small changes can make a difference.
At the buffet, focus on what goes on your plate. Make sure to serve as much as you can eat in one go, enjoying each bite. You can always take more. We ensure you can choose food made from the best ingredients.

Tips for a sustainable stay

There are simple tricks that allow you to act more sustainably even in the hotel room. Opt for the clean tap water instead of bottled water and remember to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. When leaving the room, be sure to switch off the lights and close the windows. Small actions, remarkable impact.