Baarle Resto

Our summer terrace

Our summer terrace is a place where you can enjoy a good meal, refreshing cocktails, a view of the marina and, of course, the sun and fresh air.

See you again in the summer!

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A flavour journey around the world

The name of our restaurant is inspired by the name of the town of Baarle, which is located on the border between two countries and has a fascinating history.
Residents of the town live with one foot in Belgium and the other in the Netherlands, and because of the city’s geographical location they consider themselves the lucky holders of ‘dual nationality’. An everyday visit to the pharmacy or bakery becomes a border crossing. Even in an apartment, the kitchen can be in one country and the living room in another, meaning that international cuisine is also enjoyed in its homes.

Guests of our restaurant find themselves in a similar situation when enjoying dishes from different regions of the world. We use a lot of local ingredients to create world-class – but also little-known international dishes – and complement them with our own twists and nuances. That is how we take you on a world tour of flavours!

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Our chef welcomes you

“I am pleased to welcome you on behalf of the entire Hestia Hotel Europa and Baarle Resto team!

My culinary journey of 25 years has led me through a mysterious world full of exciting flavours, different experiences, and skills that I am continuing to add to today.

My passion and inspiration are quality raw ingredients – pure flavours, their simplicity and balance on the plate, something that will be remembered, not confuse or tire you. I offer you dishes that are innovative, but also well-known world classics, always made with care and love from predominantly local raw ingredients.

A restaurant in the Tallinn City Centre, with a view of the sea, invites you to take a flavour journey around the world! See you soon.”

Baarle Resto Chef Viktor Šlenduhhov