Hestia Hotel Europa conference center offers the visitor a wonderful opportunity to enjoy different exciting exhibitions. Each exhibitions is open for 2-3 months. We kindly welcome all visitors and artists with their new exhibitions.

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Aureelia Mitt

(b. 1995) is an Estonian artist, living and working in London. She studied BA Art Practice at University of South Wales (2014-2017) and MA Sustainable Design at Kingston School of Art (2017-2018). All the paintings included in this exhibition are for sale. If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with the artist directly.

email: aureelia.mitt@gmail.com

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I just know, somewhere? is home (10.01 – 31.05.21)

explores the themes of home, time, and belonging somewhere. It includes paintings from the series ‘Ära’, ‘Kahevahel’, and other pieces painted during 2019-2020.

The artist has continued painting throughout her experiences of

  • outgrowing being a student
  • losing hope
  • feeling hopeful
  • changing homes
  • beginning a new life
  • deciding between the two
  • moving again
  • London lockdown
  • losing hope
  • feeling hopeful

‘The exhibition begins and ends with a tired sunset. A repeated day that keeps starting and ending with no purpose. A human life stuck in a limbo of time and space.

Except this time,
just before the sun was setting for good,

I started to paint.’’