Kuukivi Meatballs 2.5 € (100g)

Lost Salmon nuggets 5.5 € (100g)

Completely ordinary nuggets 2.5 € (100g)

Dipping sauce 2 € (50g)

Selection: sour cream-mayonnaise, mustard-honey-mayonnaise, sour cream-salsa, Thousand Island sauce

Pizza rolls with ham, cheese and pineapple 2 € (100g)

Potato-ham salad for inventors 2 € (100g)

Southern pasta salad with chicken and basil 2 € (100g)

Colorful vegetable platter: vegetables, vegetable chips, colorful dips 2 € (100g)



Lotte’s birthday cake 26 € (1kg)
Chocolate biscuit, cream cheese, berries, decorated with Lotte and friends
Classic biscuit, curd, berries, decorated with Lotte and friends


Biscuit cake with Lotte’s picture 22 € (1kg) + 12 € sugar image (if desired)
curd, berries, Lotte and friends for decoration


Stick cake 3.5 € /piece (from 10 cakes)

Fruit snacks 2 € (100g)



Juice 4 € (1l)

Juice jar 5 € (2l)

Coffee, tea or infused water  2.5 €/in


Birthday package

We have put together a food package that includes our visitors’ favourite dishes!

Lotte birthday package 7 € per person

Meatballs 75g

Potato salad 100g

Pizza rolls 50g

Fruit snacks 75g

Juice 200ml

Dear visitor! Please order food and drinks for the birthday only from us.

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