Golf + spa = ♥

A dream holiday for golf enthusiasts! After an active day on the Pärnu Bay Golf Links courses, the water and sauna spa will help your body to relax. A delicious and refreshing breakfast will kick-start your day.

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250 € Starting from

The way to a heart is through a stomach

All you need for the perfect mini vacation is a great spa, a top chef and a good companion. Relax with your loved one or a good friend in Pärnu and enjoy a two-course dinner created by our chef Norman Malnieks and enjoy life.

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149 € Starting from

Pamper your body and mind

Sometimes you can get as much enjoyment out of a single day of holiday as a whole week – if you spend that day in Pärnu. Enjoy the delights of the summer capital, with spa treatments and invigorating massages. The secret to a 100% relaxing holiday is to be fully in the moment and enjoy the activities that nourish your body and soul.

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150 € Starting from

A family adventure at the Lotte Play Studio

Hidden in the Strand building, there is a new secret place where Lotte enjoys playing with her friends. It’s called the Lotte Play Studio! Come and test yourself in cat Mati’s hammer throw, visit the burrow of moles James and John, put together your own cartoon and create music for it! All children are welcome!

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142 € Starting from

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