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Alpaca farm

Pärnu county, Tori municipality is the home of Estonia’s largest alpaca farm. Alpacas are funny animals with a smiley face, who can be a bit shy, but can give you a really good mood!

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Bicycle rent

Pärnu is a great city for cycling – there are as many as 70 kilometres of light traffic roads here!

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Padel Shark

The Padel Shark padel court is located behind Hestia Hotel Strand, at a 3-minute walking distance.

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Pärnu Disc Golf Courses

Disc golf is a sport that is fun to play with family or friends. To the delight of disc golf lovers, there are plenty of disc golf courses in Pärnu county.

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The mole of Pärnu

The mole of Pärnu is definitely one of the major landmarks of Pärnu – it is, after all, a tourist attraction that is over 150 years old. The mole of Pärnu, once built to make the harbour deeper and revive trade, has now become a favourite venue for tourists.

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Pärnu health trails

Pärnu is the perfect place to take a stimulating walk, or a bicycle, roller skate or even a skateboard ride. Choose, if you wish to take it by the river or by the sea – both are enchanting in their own way!

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Pärnu Adventure Center

During a walk along the coast, make a detour to Pärnu Adventure Centre for an adrenaline-filled climbing adventure. It is only a 5-minute walk from Hestia Hotel Strand.

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Valgeranna Adventure Park

If you have a more-than-average appetite for adventure, then Valgeranna Adventure Park is the place to go. It is at a 17-minute drive from Hestia Hotel Strand.

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