Lotte Play Studio

A mysterious place

There’s a mysterious place in our house where Lotte from Gadgetville likes to go from time to time to have fun with her friends – it’s called the Lotte Play Studio!
The Lotte Play Studio is an experience centre for both children discovering the world and curious adults alike. The play studio is divided into three parts: a beach, a picnic area and a film studio. It’s a new place where you can dive into a sea of blue balls, fly yourself to the Philippines with a hammer throw, produce your own film, create music and pedal your way to the cinema on a bike! Come and see for yourself!

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Lotte beach

Lotte beach welcomes the smallest members of the family to frolic in the blue sea of balls. At the back end of the beach, you can fly yourself with a hammer to the far Philippines and see from the big lifeguard tower, how far you actually flew.

You can put yourself and your friend to a test in a scooter race – the last one in is a rotten egg! Moles John and James are waiting for you to visit them in their dark burrow, where, by the way, a lava floor awaits – do not fall into the lava!



Picnic area

Active children need to take a break once in a while. You can enjoy a moment of break in a hammock in the picnic area! Should you fancy something sweet, MiniMelts pearl ice cream will save the day. In the picnic area you can also find a tic-tac-toe play corner and a cave of a sleeping dragon. Do not wake the sleeping dragon…

Here you can also hold the most important day of the year – the child’s birthday!



Lotte studio

Have you ever thought about creating your own cartoon? What about the music of a cartoon? All the “a tad older” children of the family are welcome to the film studio of Lotte Play Studio. Make an exciting cartoon, using the stop motion technique, create music for the scenes, try drawing on a wall with giant pencils, make your own shadow theatre show and finish the day with a nice studio photo with your friends or family!



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