Resto Verde

You are welcome to enjoy the light meals and pure tastes at Resto Verde.


Buffet-dinner with wide selection of dishes is served on Friday and Saturday evenings. Price for the buffet is 20 €/per person (includes water, tea and coffee). All dishes are made mostly from local products, we value fresh Estonian food.


Book a table in the restaurant

Phone: +372 687 0870

Resto Verde is opened:

Mon-Sun 12.00-21.00

Breakfast at restaurant Verde:

Mon-Fri 7.00-10.00
Sat-Sun 7.30-11.00


Verde’s easy. An easy, spirited, outspoken younger sister. She smells like summer, is pure like the autumn rain, has the touch of spring and the fresh taste of the first snowflake of winter. She has the wisdom and experience of her older sister Wicca, but the boldness, fleetness of foot and uncompromising spirit of youth. She follows her own path, but with the same destination. Her own home, but under the same roof. The same field, but a different flavour. There’s more to her than the plate suggests, and she believes those flavours will bring you back to her, because there’s something in them. Something from the herb gardens and fishing boats and forests and butcher’s hereabouts. Something you’ll always recognise, without exception, whether it’s her breakfast, buffet or restaurant. You won’t find it anywhere else, since nowhere else will you find Verde. In Verde veritas. Wicca’s proud of her. And Verde’s easy. 


A versatile and tasty breakfast is served in a modern Nordic atmosphere, in a large space, with pleasant background music and views of the sea and pine trees from the windows.

The breakfast menu includes traditional hot dishes: porridge, pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, eggs, baked beans, etc. You can find all the ingredients for a sandwich from our buffet table: cheese, sausages, vegetables, fish and much more. We also offer muesli, yoghurt, bread and white bread, cake and juice. We have made a special effort on the coffee – have a latte, cappuccino or black coffee – it is all there!

Breakfast is served:

Mon-Fri 7.00-10.00
Sat-Sun 7.30-11.00


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