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Relaxing Spa Package

There are times when you feel as if something is missing from a perfect holiday, regardless of delicious food, great sauna, comfortable bed and your beloved partner.
We know the secret to perfection…

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110 € Price starting from

Laulasmaa energizer

Sometimes just one holiday day energises you more than a whole week – that is, if you spend it in Laulasmaa.

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Time just for the two of you

Take your loved one for an escape in the idyllic nature and tranquillity of Laulasmaa to enjoy each other’s company and true luxury.

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2-nights spa package with dinners

All you need for an ideal mini holiday is an excellent spa, a top chef and good company.

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Windsurfing beginner course

If you are looking for an exciting activity for 3 hours, then go for the windsurfing beginner lesson.

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60 €


Surfilaagri package is designed for groups who are looking for an exciting and challenging day on the beach.

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800 €

SUP, stand up paddle day

SUP lesson takes only 15 minutes, during that time instructor will explain maritime safety and stand up paddle technique.

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300 €