Private spa

A late-night spa with just your family and friends! There’s a private spa waiting just for you and your party. Have a birthday party or team event with colleagues in the water and sauna spa. The whole spa is yours to enjoy! The private spa is a perfect way to relax 100%, with saunas and pools for everyone. Warning! You might like a private sauna too much!

The package includes:

  • Private use of water and sauna pool starting from 22.00
  • Sauna towel rental

Additional services:

  • Snacks and drinks, see the menu here
  • Sauna rituals
  • Spa slippers 2
  • Dressing gown 5 €
  • Sauna whisk 5

Price and bookings:

Price from 22.00 to 23.00 350
Price from 22.00 to 02.00  1000 

Sales Manager Krista Hein
Phone: +372 516 6197

Additional information:

  • Use of the private spa is limited to a maximum of 60 people