Water and sauna spa

Five different pools

Water has a miraculous capability to revitalize the mind and strengthen health through relaxation, stress reduction and renewal of power reserves.

  • Wavy
  • Stormy
  • Running
  • Icy
  • Sunny
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Five different saunas

Sauna is nice, revitalizing and good for health. Right sauna taking revitalizes the immune system, the skin becomes smoother, general feeling becomes better.

  • Relaxing & junipery
  • Hot & sensual
  • Swift & dry
  • Salt & mud
  • Foggy & humid
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Quick bites from the Lounge

In the spa café we offer refreshing drinks, smoothies, salads, light snacks and naturally everyone’s favorite – ice-cream! Not to mention hot drinks and hot sandwiches and quiches. Bon Appetit!

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