Our swimming and massage pool is 20 m long with depth of 1- 4 meters. Water temperature in the pool is 29 degrees, which enables to train as well as bathe. The pool has three under-water jet massage.


Warm (36 ˚C) and bubbling water of the jacuzzi relaxes, relieves stress and fatigue. Jacuzzi improves blood circulation, helps to eliminate toxic waste, relieves pain, and decomposes adipose tissue. Warm and strong massage is the jacuzzi is the best medication for sleep disorders. Jacuzzi is also very efficient for headaches. Namely, it relaxes neck muscles and decrease tension headache. We recommend spending 30 minutes in the jacuzzi.


Nice and extra warm hot water bath (36 ˚C) is meant for babies, children and why not for adults. The pool is nice for playing without getting cold or just relaxing. The pool has a waterfall.


Our 14 ˚C cold water pool is a perfect way to revitalize the organism and a very good training for the heart and blood vessels. Cold water stimulates metabolism, fat burning and increase muscle tone.


Hot water (+41˚C) Japanese bath is the best way against Nordic cold. It is an ideal place of relaxing the body and mind. Prior to using the Japanese bath, it is recommended to get the body used to higher water temperature under hot shower. Recommended time in the bath is 10 minutes, as hot water lowers blood pressure. After the bath the warmth will stay long in the body and gives a special feeling of enjoyment.