Good practice

We want you to feel comfortable with us, so we ask you to follow good practices during your visit!

  • Book the desired treatments in good time by email at or by calling the spa reception at +372 472 4415.
  • Treatments can be conveniently booked through or website.
  • Please make sure that the treatment is appropriate for your state of health before booking. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the spa’s administrator.
  • If you are unable to attend the reserved treatment, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance either by email at or by phone at +372 472 4415.
  • If you do not show up for a treatment and do not cancel, you will be charged 50% of the price. If necessary, the reservation can be changed according to availability.
  • If you are late for a treatment, the ordered treatment will be shortened by the delayed time. The full price must be paid for treatments started late.
  • When coming to spa treatments, we recommend taking a shower in advance, visiting a water centre or sauna – so treatments and massages work more effectively on your body and skin.
  • It is not recommended to visit the water and sauna centre immediately after treatments.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before the treatment, so you can get into the right mindset and prepare.
  • Notify the spa attendant before starting a treatment if you have any health problems (e.g., chronic diseases, allergies) or if you are in a state of health (e.g., expecting a baby) that we should be aware of.
  • Please refrain from arriving intoxicated to your treatment.. In the interest of your health, the attendant has the right to cancel your treatment and the service will not be refunded.
  • We want our guests to be able to rest and relax in the spa centre, so we ask that you silence your mobile phone.
  • We also ask you to chat quietly at the spa.
  • When visiting the spa with children, we ask that children follow the same good practice.
  • Please provide honest feedback about the spa experience to the spa attendant, spa administrator or spa manager. It is important to us that the treatments meet your expectations!