Marine relaxation

Perhaps you know the lyrics “The sea is, the sea remains, the sea must be…” One thing is certain – we cannot do without the sea and the sea has a relaxing effect on us. Our marine treatments are inspired by pure nature, providing healing effect for our skin and relaxing muscles as well as our mind and body.

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It’s fun to chill with your girlfriends

Spending time here with your friends is fun! Write to your girlfriend and tell her that now is the time to go, and that we are waiting for you! We have put together a package that invigorates both mental and physical beauty, to help you feel bright and rested again.

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Hello health, here I come!

Whether you enjoy a restoring spa, love clean and healthy food, or just need time to cherish your body and spirit – we have thought through the details for one, two, three, or five days, just the way you like it.

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I am the mud king!

You have already made friends with mud but wouldn’t yet call yourself a mud king? This is the time to change this! An enjoyable holiday, delicious breakfast and royal mud treatments await! Including a refreshing and cleansing clay drink.

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Help, I need love! ♥

There is never too much love. It is always nice to feel. Small town vibes, relaxing treatments and a surprise waiting in a cosy room. This is a love filled day! ♥

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Happy times with the family

The happiest time is the time spent together! Find a free day for the entire family and spend a special holiday full of small surprises, together. Wouldn’t a spa-day with relaxing treatments be a welcome change from smartphones, playgrounds, gyms or evenings spent with pizza and TV?

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