A relaxation room for the five senses inspired by the sea


When you enter the relaxation room for the five senses in our wellness spa, you step out of your daily life for a moment, allowing your senses and your spirit to rest. The room serves as an ideal refuge, allowing you to take some time for yourself and perceive your surroundings.


Inspired by the sea, the art of ikebana soothes the senses and helps you to better feel the beauty and uniqueness of the seaside.


Ivar Vinkel, a practitioner of vibroacoustic therapy, has recorded the sounds of the sea beneath the cliffs, which is the best tool for taking care of you in a friendly and caring environment. Our selection of nature sounds is suitable for deep relaxation, tranquilisation and boosting the sensitivity of your hearing. A soft, warm and pleasant sound, through which it is possible to achieve greater balance and be able to better cope with oneself and one’s surroundings.


Zen gardens are available for you to touch. The Zen garden is designed for hands-on activity involving sand and stones, where you can use a rake to draw patterns in the sand or rearrange the stones in a way that suits you. Shut yourself off from the cluttered thoughts in your head and sense your presence in the here and now. There is also a Zen garden for the feet, in which there are sea stones of different sizes and textures, which allow you to experience a therapeutic point massage. Zen gardens are excellent at reducing stress and increasing one’s feeling of wellbeing.


To stimulate your sense of smell, we use domestic juniper incense in the relaxation room. Juniper smoke has been scientifically proven to possess antibacterial properties. Juniper smoke cleanses negative energy, keeps viruses away and relieves anxiety. In ancient times, the people believed that juniper favours the good and scares away evil.




For your sense of taste we offer a detox algae tea in the relaxation room, a pleasant blend of traditional plants and Nordic algae. It helps the body to gently and effectively expel waste products and restore a healthy balance. The tea is rich in antioxidants, improves your well-being, promotes digestion and helps increase energy levels.