Our story

Nature calls

Our aim is to provide spa treatments characteristic of resort towns with natural products. Estonia has diverse resources, including various natural resources such as healing mud, mineral water and clay, so why not use these.


Mud heals

Since Haapsalu became a resort city with the help of mud, the list of services we offer includes a considerable number of treatments with local mud. You can start with a massage with Haapsalu’s medicinal mud and end with a mud mask for the scalp.
In addition to the treatments, we offer both a clay drink and algae tea, so that the body can be healed also internally, and you regain that healthy blush.

Mud treatments

We love Estonia

We chose treatments based on Estonian taste and purity. For facial treatments, we developed natural facial treatments for different skin types and skin needs in cooperation with D’DIFFERENCE, Estonia’s leading skin care brand. D’DIFFERENCE is an Estonian brand created by doctors and biochemists. All D’DIFFERENCE products are natural, VEGAN and dermatologically tested.

Facial treatments

Both therapy and well-being

We offer therapeutic treatments to prevent and alleviate health problems as well as wellness treatments that help get rid of daily stress, tension and fatigue. The experience gained will give you the opportunity to shine in Haapsalu while walking on the promenade.

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