Relaxing & junipery

Our relaxation sauna is a perfection combination of steam and traditional saunas. Sauna has moderate heat (60˚C) and humidity. Sauna is especially well suited for those not appreciating high temperature and wishing just to relax in warm sauna. Sauna walls are of natural juniper wood.

Hot & sensual

+75˚C is a perfect temperature to relax in an aromatic Finnish sauna. Sauna is well suited for relaxation, strengthening body’s resistance to diseases and relieving respiratory problems. Recommended sauna time is up to 20 min. Sauna offers a view to the aquarium and pool.

Swift & dry

Sauna with high temperature (up to 95°) and moderate humidity, which is above all meant for heavy sweating and whisking. Whisking relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation and purifies the mind. Start whisking from feet and move along the body towards the head. Every sauna session should be followed by cooling with cold water. Recommended sauna time is up to 10 min.
You can buy sauna whisk in addition, price 5€.

Salt & mud

In steam sauna with low temperature (up to 45°) and high moisture the entire body is rubbed with the mix of healing mud and salt. With massaging movements, the salt is rubbed on skin, will be kept there for 5-10 minutes and after that washed off. Warm steam opens skin pores, rubbing with salt provides a peeling treatment for the skin and when leaving the sauna skin feels really silky. The salt has a purifying and anti-bacterial effect. Recommended sauna time is up to 12 min.

Foggy & humid

Sauna with low temperature (up to 50°) together with 100% humidity is perfectly suitable for relieving respiratory disorders (bronchitis, cough, hoarseness, asthma, common cold) and different skin problems (psoriasis, allergic rash, skin dryness and flaking). Sea concentrated salt alt steam and moisty humidity intensely purify skin and make it soft and silky. Recommended sauna time is up to 20 min.