Sauna rituals

Come and enjoy sauna rituals with your friends! Since ancient times, saunas have been known to have positive effects on health. By using a whisk, the effect becomes especially effective. Whisking makes the air move and the hot air reaches the skin better. In addition, whisking massages the body. We invite you to relax, enjoy a memorable time together and have fun in a different way.

Sauna ritual package for a group:

  • Let’s warm up our bodies in the sauna
  • Exfoliating the body with salt and moisturizing the face with mud
  • Personalized whisking (two people at a time)
  • A delicious and refreshing snack

Duration: 1-1.5 hours, depending on the number of people, max 10 people.

Personalized whisking for a group (2 people at a time):

  • Let’s warm up our bodies in the sauna
  • Whisking
  • A relaxing cool down
  • A delicious and refreshing shot

The duration of one whisking is 15 minutes.

Price and bookings:

  • Sauna ritual package for a group €150
  • Personal whisking for a group €25 / person

*Water and sauna spa tickets are added to the price. In the case of accommodation, the water and sauna spa ticket is included in the price.

Sales Manager Krista Hein
Phone: +372 516 6197

Additional information:

  • Suitable number of people for both rituals is 4-10.
  • Services are only available by pre-order.