Coffee break

Easy Break €4

Coffee, tea, flavored water all day

The Morning Sun €8

Coffee, tea, flavored water | spiced egg salad on Blu Holm bread with dill | cumin sticks

A Storm at Sea €8

Coffee, tea, flavored | graved salmon with horseradish cream on Blu Holm bread | almond cookie

Silence €8

Coffee, tea, flavored water | goat cheese on buttery bread | chocolate cake

The Sound of  The Sea €8

Coffee, tea, flavored water | ham and cheese muffin | mini-cream cheese cake

The Setting Moon €8

Coffee, tea, flavored water | croissant with salmon | chocolate cookie


See the addiotinal options here.


Group menu

Back bay duck €24

Resort town salad – duck, orange, seeds, cucumber,  tomato, pickled onion, sauce, pesto, salad
Pasta – duck, Pappardelle, sun-dried tomato, herbs
Caesar cake – Napoleon

The soul of Läänemaa €26

Clear fish soup – homemade “Uhhaa” type fish soup with vegetables
Meat – beef, caramelized beetroot, roasted potatoes, red wine sauce, lemon herb butter
Mud cake – chocolate, algae, berries

A calm in the storm €20

Giant prawn salad – salad, cucumber, pickled onion, wakame, majo, seeds
Breaded chicken fillet – mashed potatoes, blackberry mustard, greens, kale
Ice cream

Picturesque beach €24

Herring – potato, trout berry-sour cream sauce, pickle
Fish – lightly baked sea trout, cauliflower cream, potatoes boiled with dill and laurel, Hollandaise sauce
Cookie treat – cookie, curd, berries, coffee

Busy Farmer 18 €

Rich in flavour and spicy lentil soup – lentils, tomato, garlic, chili
Vegetable – beetroot cutlets, baked paprika, lentils, tomato
Fruit salad

All menus include: jug water, coffee, tea.
Please choose one menu for the whole group. Prices are per person and are valid for groups of ten people and above. Group orders will be booked within a 72-hour reservation period.