Coffee break

Morning Sun 8 €

Sea buckthorn greeting | Spiced sprat tartare on toasted Nõva bread | Caraway sticks

Storm at Sea 8 €

Green seaweed | Gravlax with horseradish cream on Nõva bread | Almond cookie

Silence 8 €

Cowberry drink | Goat cheese on buttered bread | Crunchy vegetables | Chocolate cake

Sea Sounds 8 €

Healthy smoothie | Mini-cream cheese cake| Ham and cheese muffin | Fruit

Setting Moon 8 €

Strawberry smoothie | Croissant with salmon | Chocolate cookie


Group menu

Silent Storm 20 €

Duck salad – orange, cucumber, mushrooms, tomato, marinated onion, sauce, pesto, salad
Pasta, sweet and sour chicken

Soul of Läänemaa 24 €

Clarified fish soup – homemade ‘Ukha’ type fish soup with vegetables
Meat – slow roasted side pork, algae pesto, fried potato and beets, garlic cream
Quark cake – blackberry

Break in the Storm 20 €

Gravlax salad – salad, cucumber, marinated onion, tomato, pesto
Dredged chicken – potato puree, blackberry mustard, greens, kale
Mud cake – chocolate, algae

Picturesque Beach 18 €

Cauliflower puree soup – cauliflower, roasted seeds, cream, crispy seed bread, herb oil, crispy onion
Fish – fish cutlet, cauliflower, peas, onion roast, jacket potato, juniper berry, herb oil, kale
Ice cream selection – berry sauce, meringue

Busy Farmer 16 €

Creamy tomato soup – croutons, herb oil
Vegetables – quick marinated vegetables, algae pesto
Fruit salad

All menus include: jug water, coffee, tea.
Please choose one menu for the whole group. Prices are per person and are valid for groups of ten people and above. Group orders will be booked within a 72-hour reservation period.