For men

Treatment category

  • Energy care for men

    30 min

    Fast, efficient and instantly refreshing. The treatment is suitable for anyone whose skin is tired and dry. Selected products give a visible effect. After treatment, the face is fresh and smooth! The treatment includes cleansing of the skin with a face wash gel for men, exfoliation of the skin to remove dead skin cells, a face mask to improve metabolism and give an instant refreshing effect. Finally, a serum is applied to the face to minimise pores and smooth the skin, followed by a moisturising face cream.

    35 €
  • Machine cutting for men

    30 min


    12 €
  • Scissor cutting for men

    30 min


    17 €
  • Classic massage for men

    25 min - 50 min

    Classic massage is a complex of different movements and techniques. Depending on the customer’s wishes or needs, the whole body is massaged, or we focus only on the upper or lower body. Classical massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation and metabolism, strengthens the immune system, reduces muscle tension and stress. Show moreShow less

    25-45 €
  • Nordic Sons – body care for men

    75 min

    The body is peeled with a fragrant peeler made of driftwood, to remove dead skin cells. Peeling is followed by a relaxing body massage with a wood aroma massage oil that refreshes the skin and speeds up metabolism. After the treatment, you will exude masculine energy, feel great, and as a result, you will have clean, effectively moisturized and nourished skin.

    57 €
  • Massage with Haapsalu medicinal mud

    60 min

    The massage with Haapsalu medicinal mud has a peeling and healing effect. The massage promotes excretion of excess fluid and residue from the body, stimulates metabolism, relaxes and helps to treat chronic inflammation. At the beginning of the massage, Haapsalu medicinal mud is wrapped on the back. During the wrap, the whole body is massaged with classic massage techniques. Then the wrap is removed for a back massage. Show moreShow less

    50 €
  • Shoulder and neck massage for men

    30 min

    Shoulder and neck massage is an effective and quick relief for a tense neck and shoulders. The massage activates blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulates metabolism, reduces headaches and muscle pain. Massage relaxes both mental and physical tension.

    32 €
  • Classic manicure for men

    45 min

    Classic hand and nail treatment. During the treatment, the cuticles are first oiled, followed by a bath, nail styling and hand cream.

    29 €
  • Classic pedicure for men

    55 min

    The treatment begins with an aromatic and foot softening foam bath. The cuticles and skin calluses are then treated, and the nails are shaped. The treatment ends with foot cream.

    38 €
  • Charcot shower

    10 min

    A Charcot shower is a standing high-pressure massage with two directional jets of water. The shower is stimulating, improves blood supply and metabolism of the skin and subcutaneous tissues and is therefore also suitable for cellulite treatment. Works well to relieve neck and lower back pains caused by a sitting lifestyle. Combined with diet and exercise, the shower can help you lose weight.

    18 €