Face yoga

Face yoga is a unique training method for a younger and brighter look. Exercise the muscles on the face and neck, correct facial mimics and avoid certain bad habits – this is the key to a more beautiful and content self!

Face Yoga Method is based on the knowledge that the whole body is a whole and based on this principle we have chosen special exercises for the stimulating facial yoga class, which you can add to your daily beauty routine without difficulty later.

To maximize the benefits of facial yoga, we start the class with posture and shoulder and neck exercises. Then we stimulate the circulation of the whole face, raise the forehead and corners of the mouth and stretch the neck beautifully. Your emotions in the morning will shape the day ahead. Think, ‘I’m great, I love myself and the world, I have a great day ahead of me’!

Face yoga takes place Mon-Sun at 08:30 in Wellness Spa, on the 1st floor of the hotel and is free of charge for our hotel guests.